Thai massage

€ 60
60 min

An authentic Thai Massage is a traditional form of massage therapy that has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. It is an ancient form of therapeutic massage that uses a combination of rhythmic compressions, gentle stretches and acupressure points to bring relief from physical and emotional stress.

This massage helps relieve tension, improve circulation and flexibility, and is generally relaxing. Many also find that a Thai massage provides relief from headaches, fatigue and muscle cramps.

Thai massage is also a safe and effective form of massage therapy. It improves overall balance, posture and general well-being. People looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness will find themselves completely comfortable in it.

What does a Thai massage consist of?

Thai massage is performed on a comfortable futon, with the massage therapist using her hands, feet, elbows and knees to apply pressure to various points of the body. This action helps reduce stress, relax muscles, improve circulation and increase mobility. It can also help treat chronic pain and tension, and provide a sense of well-being and relaxation.