Gua Sha

From € 70
60 min

During a Gua Sha treatment, we slide a type of stone over the face according to a specific rhythm and with typical movements.
This stimulates blood circulation, which accelerates the renewal of skin cells on the face. In addition, blood flows, water and trapped lymphatic fluids are massaged loose and drained. As a result, the skin is firm, smooth, soft, hydrated, sparkling, rosy and wrinkles and dark spots are reduced.

The benefits of a Gua Sha facial.

  1. The treatment helps detoxify the face and prevents subcutaneous inflammation. With this, we address the cause of acne, blemishes and a dull face.
  2. Age-related wrinkles, bags under the eyes, crow's feet and cheek furrows fade away.
  3. The massaging movements have a draining effect as well as a relaxing effect. Tensions in the face as well as headaches and neck pain are relieved.
  4. The cells in the face receive an influx of oxygen and nutrients.
  5. The result is clear skin and a firm, resilient face that no pot can give
  6. Helps blood, lymph and Qi to flow better.
  7. Helps eliminate excess heat and restores balance between hot and cold.
  8. Helps reduce pain, tension and stiffness in muscles.
  9. Stimulate the internal organs and make the immune system work better.
  10. Helps increase oxygen in the body.

Treatment steps
Facial Massage
Gua Sha
radio frequency
with laser led treatment