Body, body scrub, body wrap and oil massage

€ 70
60 min

Scrubs explanation

  1. Scrub old and dead skin cells to peel off. Dead skin cells if not removed It is like excess on the skin. Exfoliating removes those old, dead skin cells. Revealing new skin that is more beautiful, smoother and brighter than before
  2. Make your skin white and clear. Exfoliating the skin can make it brighter. with continuous use Because it causes old skin cells to loosen. It reveals new, white, radiant skin that needs to be replaced.
  3. Reduce wrinkles Using scrubs can make your skin look younger and smoother. It also helps reduce dark spots and dark circles to fade. As for buying a white scrub. which brand is good? Let's read on.
  4. Solve the problem of stretch marks! People who suffer from stretch marks after childbirth must suffer a lot. But do you believe that exfoliating can help reduce the problem of stretch marks to look faded?
  5. Rejuvenate your skin. Exfoliating scrubs can help remove dirt deep in the pores. It also helps prevent and reduce acne. which helps restore smooth and flawless skin
  6. Improve blood circulation Exfoliating your skin allows your blood and lymph nodes to work better. This makes the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the skin more efficient.
  7. Help relieve stress. Exfoliating the skin improves circulation. It also helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety and also helps to clear the mood.